Portfolio motion/animation


For the Cabsat Exhibition, Cleartag also developed the YahService animation focusing on an intricate storyline to illustrate the managed solutions that YahServices propose. From military solution to Oil and Gaz, YahService helps governments and commercial entities to communicate.

Touch Lab – Digital Signage

For the launch of the Lab – the flagship store of Touch Lebanon- Cleartag developed an animation that acted as an introduction to the store, its features, the different touch points and services it offers. For this purpose Cleartag followed the stick figure storyline at the different parts of the stores interacting with the space…

Bank Audi Secure Payment Solution

For the Mena Games conference, Bank Audi commissioned Cleartag to develop a B2B animation targeted to SMEs introducing its secure payment gateway. Cleartag developed a storyboard and an animation focusing on the core benefits of the payment gateway in addition to the user friendly process of using it.

Bank Audi Tap to Pay Wearables

For the launch of the Tap to Pay wearables of Bank Audi, Cleartag developed an info-graphic video highlighting the features of the products in addition to the different points of sales in which clients can use the wearables. Smooth and swift transitions were used in alignment with the offline campaign that featured a local hero…

Yahsat – Corporate Animation

For the occasion of the Cabsat, the International Satellite Fair of the UAE- Cleartag developed this corporate animation for Yahsat. This animation focused on the mission of Yashat, its values and the timeline from its initiation. This animation also featured the new Y3 Satellite launch – planned for 2017- and the opportunity Yahsat given by…


YahLive, the Satellite Broadcasting Arm of Yahsat, managed to acquire a big market of shares in the Middle East with a big promise of Expansion. Founded in 2011, YahLive reaches over 600 Million households to Date. For this purpose, the info-graphic animation developed focused on this new reach dimension and the added value of this…

Touch – The life of the Stick figure

This video narrates the story of touch Lebanon, promoting products, concepts and engaging with users on their Social Media platforms. Cleartag collaborated with touch Lebanon to define the digital visual identity that introduced the stick-figure as the brand’s mascot. This animation was designed, written and animated by Cleartag’s creative team.

du at Gitex

At the occasion of Gitex Technology Week of the UAE, Cleartag created innovative interventions for du to position them as leaders of innovation in their industries. An interactive table allowed users to place a device and accordingly explore the features and the available plans based on the selected device. Users could also place 2 different…

Become a merchant with emall

To communicate on the advantages of becoming a merchant with emall, Cleartag developed an animation that highlights the story of a sample merchant wanting to benefit from e-commerce.