Portfolio platforms and websites

Picsati Create your albums

Cleartag developed a photo album dashboard for Picsati to allow users to design their picture album. The tools developed allows users to save their life’s best moments in an effortless and fun way.

Samsung CTC

Samsung CTC pushed a state-of-the art interface highlighting a seamless navigation through the complexity and richness of the content. The mechanism of the website is based on vertical parallel banners whereby each corresponds to a category. Users can navigate within each banner vertically to explore the different products and any additional information such as offers…

Vinlite The network that puts you in the driving seat

Vinlite is an interactive motoring platform that puts you in the driving seat, a place where you can get serious about your wheels, depending on what they mean to you. It is a complete world where you can bump into your favorite cars, friends, brands, dealers and more. Cleartag built the Vinlite network using innovative tools…

Extended Warranty By Samsung

A microsite dedicated to promoting the extended warrantee offered by Samsung and guide the user through a one page-journey into the covered items and the exclusions. An animated interface builds the specs of the warrantee making it very accessible for the users to have a global understanding of the service.


Launched in September 2012, BDD aims to become an all-inclusive zone dedicated to improving the digital industry in Lebanon through providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and superior support services for businesses and the healthiest living environment for the young and dynamic workforce Cleartag joined forces with BDD to develop a website reflecting the dynamic essence behind the project…


Cleartag joined forces with Yakshof to create a platform, home to amateur and independent reporters to share their opinions about the news, and covers the events around them by sending photos and videos to the site, which in turn downloaded and transmitted without any intervention in the form or in substance. Yakshof is the first independent Arabic news site that blends ”citizen journalist” and a team of professional journalists in the neutral coverage of the of the most prominent developments and news around the world.

Saifi Suites

Saifi Suites, a boutique hotel at the heart of Beirut city, had to find the perfect digital suitor; Cleartag rose to the challenge and designed the website with much care and delicacy. The website provides a number of practical and exciting features that best serve the customers, from new offers, the weather to the many…

Audi Rewards Website

Audi Rewards website showcases all the gifts users can get by redeeming the points they get with their spendings. This website is a state-of-the-art in terms on interface where items constantly shuffle and reposition as per the user’s choice. The users also have the possibility to filter the gifts as per their point range.


Park Tower Suites is a four star hotel for business executives and vacation travelers. Located in the surroundings of Beirut, Park Tower Suites teamed up with Cleartag for an online portal that is at the same time a website and a city chaperon. A newsletter, the weather, new offers, different locations around the hotel and…


Nicolas Audi Catering is dedicated to culinary excellence and immaculate service for all catering needs. With an outstandingly harmonious team, we deliver great food and service tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients. With ‘Nicolas Audi’ signature finesse and style we cater for all events with up to 1100 guests from start…