du at Gitex

At the occasion of Gitex Technology Week of the UAE, Cleartag created innovative interventions for du to position them as leaders of innovation in their industries. An interactive table allowed users to place a device and accordingly explore the features and the available plans based on the selected device. Users could also place 2 different devices and compare the features and respective plans. Videos related to the selected device were also available in an interface that was accessible in English and Arabic. A total of 6084 devices were viewed during the event.

The Twitter bot vending machine held Blackberry products whereby every half hour, a product was released randomly when a tweet was sent using the #twitterbot hashtag and @dutweets mention. The more engagement the user made on the du Twitter page, the more the chances of winning increased. A total of 10,615 tweets were written in a period of 5 days with 444 unique tweeps and a total of 51 gifts dispensed.