Launched on December 18, 2012, Geek Express is a daring venture that is built on the belief that the paradigm of the world is changing, and we need to start providing an environment for all the makers to be able to create. The concept was built on a geek invasion of the city with wires and lights, and the visuals were grounded on the powerful pixel. The main challenge was introducing “the geek” under a new light, especially in a country that is still catching-up with such forward-thinking. Only three weeks under construction, Geek Express was born after cycles of ideation, conceptualization and implementation. A team of designers, engineers, architects, marketing executives, copywriters and developers got together to create the world of Geek Express, which is a creative space for all the curious to come together, create, build and break in a DIY (Do It Yourself) environment. It is a maker space for children and grown-ups alike to play and experiment in a maker culture with hands-on opportunities, groundbreaking products and advanced technologies.