Loubanani Cards Platform

Based on a horizontal navigation, the Loubanani website is designed to showcase the story and heritage of Lebanon as users scroll the pages. The website that features the benefits of the card, the loyalty program and merchant network puts forward Bank Audi’s commitment to the Lebanese Heritage

Yahsat – Corporate Animation

For the occasion of the Cabsat, the International Satellite Fair of the UAE- Cleartag developed this corporate animation for Yahsat. This animation focused on the mission of Yashat, its values and the timeline from its initiation. This animation also featured the new Y3 Satellite launch – planned for 2017- and the opportunity Yahsat given by…


YahLive, the Satellite Broadcasting Arm of Yahsat, managed to acquire a big market of shares in the Middle East with a big promise of Expansion. Founded in 2011, YahLive reaches over 600 Million households to Date. For this purpose, the info-graphic animation developed focused on this new reach dimension and the added value of this…

The Picsati App

For Picsati, Cleartag developed an iOs application as a simplified version of the online platform that allows users to designs and publish their albums in just a few minutes. The tools links to the users’ photo rolls to allow them to save their life’s best snaps in an effortless and fun way.

Cards Vending Machine Cards to Go

Cards to Go is a Prepaid cards vending machine designed by Cleartag for Bank Audi. The first product was rolled out at the smart branch in Palladium. The vending Machine gives customers the possibility to select the requested card type and amount, and get their card instantly. It also includes the “Card Artist” feature which…

SFB Website Wealth Management Platform

SFB is a Wealth Management Company that looked to re-brand its digital presence. Cleartag and SFB worked together to create a website that uses the latest trends in navigation with a user interface that reflected their positioning.

Novo by Bank Audi

Bank Audi and Cleartag partnered up for innovation, and they have been introducing technological interventions to the banking world. NOVO, Bank Audi’s interactive branch, is built around information stations that are designed with two multi-touch interactive screens to facilitate the navigation process. NOVO allows for the customers to complete all their banking transactions faster, better…

#TouchGivesBack Crowd-funded CSR

During the month of Ramadan, we collaborated with touch to create a twitterthon and engage users to help the company give back to the Children Cancer Center of Lebanon. A twitter meter was created as a Facebook app and it was filtering the tweets that mentioned the twitter handle of the company and #touchGivesBack. Each…

Rymco – Drive Life Website Revamp

Rymco website revamp was a challenging exercice that highlighted a seamless navigation through the complexity and richness of the content. Users can navigate through the rymco offerings from new cars to pre-owned cars in addition to other corporate information.

ICD Interactive Timelime

For the occasion of Africa Global Business Forum 2014 (Dubai – UAE), Cleartag developed a 4-meter long interactive timeline to celebrate the history of ICD and its participation in the UAE growth and development.