August 2010

The 3 Phases of a website during the SEO process:

The end goal of any SEO project is to drive targeted visitors that will convert to customers, by placing the website on top of search engines results for relevant and popular keywords. To reach this goal, the website will go through 3 phases during the SEO process: 1.Indexed: The first milestone is to get the…

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Facebook Launches New Photo Album Design

Facebook rolled their new photo album design, as part of a series of improvements scheduled to their photo application. Whats New: Photo thumbnails are larger now and all have same size, which make it look better. The old photo albums display 20 photos per page, while the new photo albums would display up to 200…

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Ramadan رمضان

The graph shows the search interest for “ramadan” in blue and “رمضان” in orange from 2004 till 2010 Top 10 countries with the highest search volume for “ramadan”: Top 10 countries with the highest search volume for “رمضان”: Blog Posts about Ramadan and رمضان Ramadan on Twitter

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