The end goal of any SEO project is to drive targeted visitors that will convert to customers, by placing the website on top of search engines results for relevant and popular keywords.

To reach this goal, the website will go through 3 phases during the SEO process:

3 Phases of a website during SEO process


The first milestone is to get the website indexed in the top search engines, especially Google, Bing and Yahoo. (Yahoo’s results will be pulled from Bing soon).

It is important to get all/most of the website’s pages indexed, because each one could represent an entry point to your website.

To know how many of your web pages are indexed in Google, you can use the site operator:


Ranking for the right keywords is the core of SEO, because most people will not go beyond the first 3 pages of search results.

Every page on your website could be optimized to rank on first page. Top ranking in search engines could take a bit of time.

Basically, it depends on your domain/page authority rank, how competitive is the search term, what resources do you have, and what you are doing.


The bottom line of SEO is to drive targeted traffic to your website, therefore it is almost worthless to rank for the wrong keywords, which are too general or too narrow and unpopular.

Optimizing your website’s meta descriptions and rich snippets could increase the click through rates to your website from the search results pages.

Of course, it is essential to engage and retain your website visitors, but this for another post.

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